Book Tour

Hard to believe this, but i’m headed out on a book tour…yowsa!

In Toronto wed 17 april at The Garrison – event details here

In Montreal friday 19 April at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly – details here


Giddy with excitement.  Going to be a ton of fun. 

etude 2

towers spreading out

bursting like cosmic rays

running through the city like faultlines

waiting to come down

like so many paper planes

the absence of light

was the real damper

clothes air-laundered and fresh

but with a heavy layer of monoxide

and coffee and piss

Book Launch!

Ok, trying not to come apart at the seams here – launching The Monument Cycles at the Anza Club this coming Wed 10 April at 7:30pm.  Promises to be a wild event – other folks launching include Daphne Marlatt, Stephen Collis, Dina Del Bucchia, and Wanda John-Kehewin.  Event details here.  Would love to see you, whoever you are.Monument Cycles COVER (small)