Babylon. Painting. Repression.

Been thinking recently about the song “By the Rivers of Babylon” (mainly the Melodians version:  About state repression and the desire for freedom, and Ferguson, and the power of the state.  A friend sent me this great image of a biblical illustration.  I love the river flowing from the man’s (Jehovah?) mouth.

Where is salvation? Where is freedom? Where can we find peace? The captors required of their captives a song.  Ours require a purchase.  Both a buy and a buy-in to the goods and to the system itself.  It’s not optional.  Like one great tweet about Ferguson stated, “They hate us for our freedom.”

Next dead poets lineup announced

The Dead Poets reading series has announced the readers for the next session!  This is always interesting and informative.  I did my best Hart Crane for the last one…good readers and poets for this one coming up.  Gertrude Stein! Earle Birney! Yowsa…M~ Sun0905_Birney