collaboration with colin askey

photo 1Have begun work on a new collaboration with artist / photographer / videographer Colin Askey on Catherine Owen’s Visualelegies, a project looking at mourning, loss and grief through two artists in concert.  We went aboard the SS Master, a boat my father worked on for years, and shot a number of photographs of both the boat and some artefacts from my late father.  Looking forward to writing towards his photos and the resulting ensemble.

Some info on Catherine’s work on this project:

photo 4

Thursdays writing collective and Bud Osborn

thursdays writing collective bud osborn eventThe phenomenal Elee Kraljii Gardiner and the Thursdays Writing Collective were gracious enough to ask me to talk about Bud Osborn as a brief prelude to hearing both poems of Bud’s and the Collective’s poems in response.  I talked about Bud and his legacy in the community.  Was a real pleasure.  Thanks to Elee and the Collective – it’s always great to talk about the man, and I thank you for reading his work and sharing your own.  #DTES #Community

Photo credit: Tom Quirk / Heart of the City Festival