Reading / Workshop with Pandora’s Collective Sunday May 31st

pandoraDoing an interesting reading / workshop organized by Shannon Rayne with Kevin Spenst and Pandora’s Collective on Sun May 31st – at a Starbucks! Ha! Should be interesting – exploring the notion of place.  An open mic to follow.  Come share your thoughts. NOTE – workshop is free, but RSVP required.



Sunday May 31st
Facilitator and Host: Shannon Rayne
6-8:30 pm
Starbucks Coffee Canada
5504 Cambie St, Cambie and 39th

This workshop will focus on writing about place, as an extension of writing about the self. When we write our unique observations about place (cafes, cities, etc.) we give concrete images to our perspectives, emotions and state of mind at the time. This 60 minute workshop will give participants new techniques to approach writing about place, through hands-on-exercises. This workshop is designed for poets, and creative nonfiction writers of all levels including nature writing, food writing, or memoir.

There will be an open mic to follow for workshop participants.

Featured readers following workshop
Shannon Rayne
Kevin Spenst
Mariner Janes

Shannon Rayne is poet, creative nonfiction writer and teacher. Her project “Coffee Stained” is a collection of poems about cafe culture in Vancouver. Part travelogue, part dialogue with the muse over coffee, “Coffee Stained” takes place in 26 cafes in Vancouver and reflects both the internal changes of the narrator, with the physical changes of the rapidly growing city.

Kevin Spenst Interview

kevin“Imagine playing Resident Evil and then actually finding yourself in the landscape, all the zombies are gone and you are there to do an archeological dig, have a drink at the end of the day, and enjoy the sunset. In an inside-out kind of way, that’s how it feels for me.”

A brief but lovely interview with local luminary Kevin Spenst. Enjoy, baby.

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Triple Launch!

11218501_812419872167447_6930675101014464046_nThis looks like a great launch:

Join Anvil Press, Talonbooks, and New Star Books at Pulp Fiction Books for the launch of:

Further Confessions of a Small Press Racketeer by Stuart Ross (Anvil Press)

Subject to Change by Renee Rodin (Talonbooks)

Around the World on Minimum Wage by Andrew Struthers (New Star)

There will be wine and smiles and lots of stories!