Strangers! Trains!

The great reading series at the Railway Club resumes tonight with a stellar lineup:

strangersStrangers on a Train is a monthly reading series, hosted by the Langara College English department, devoted to creating dialogue between writers and writing groups that would not typically interact with one another. Each event features writers from a variety of genres and backgrounds: from spoken word to highbrow prose – the up-and-coming, the student, and the venerable. The goal of the series is to encourage discussion and promote collaboration within Vancouver’s diverse literary community (or with members of other Canadian literary communities).

Join us on Tuesday, July 21 for the next installment of Strangers on a Train. All events are free to attend and are open to the public (19+ years).

Readers include:
Clint Burnham (Smoke Show; The Benjamin Sonnets)
Stephen Collis (The Red Album; To The Barricades)
Steve Noyes (November Radio; It Is Just That Your House Is So Far Away)
Jocelyn Parr (Dawson College; Brick Magazine)
Laura Birtwhistle (Langara Student Writer)

Hart Crane

hartA Name for All

Moonmoth and grasshopper that flee our page
And still wing on, untarnished of the name
We pinion to your bodies to assuage
Our envy of your freedom—we must maim
Because we are usurpers, and chagrined—
And take the wing and scar it in the hand.
Names we have, even, to clap on the wind;
But we must die, as you, to understand.
I dreamed that all men dropped their names, and sang
As only they can praise, who build their days
With fin and hoof, with wing and sweetened fang
Struck free and holy in one Name always.