Triple Launch!

11218501_812419872167447_6930675101014464046_nThis looks like a great launch:

Join Anvil Press, Talonbooks, and New Star Books at Pulp Fiction Books for the launch of:

Further Confessions of a Small Press Racketeer by Stuart Ross (Anvil Press)

Subject to Change by Renee Rodin (Talonbooks)

Around the World on Minimum Wage by Andrew Struthers (New Star)

There will be wine and smiles and lots of stories!


Upcoming reading at Strangers on a Train


This event is inspired both by Michael Turner’s legendary reading series (Reading Railroad) and Memewar’s reading series (Short Line), and features:

“writers from a variety of genres and backgrounds: from spoken word to highbrow prose – the up-and-coming, the student, and the venerable. The goal of the series is to encourage discussion and promote collaboration within Vancouver’s diverse literary community (or with members of other Canadian literary communities).”

I’ve been very inspired by the work of Michael Turner, so I’m very, very excited to read alongside him.  Might even ask him to sign my copy of Kingsway or Hard Core Logo.  *holds up copies and smiles like a nerd*

Also excited to hear from the other readers:

Sarah Selecky (This Cake is for the Party)
Raj Grewal (spoken word)

And as mentioned, Michael Turner (Hard Core Logo; The Pornographer’s Poem)

Lastly, Sarah’s website / writing advice is golden!

So come on down.  I’ve read at the Railway several times, and it’s always…interesting!   And there’s beer.



Event details:

Alex Leslie’s new book!

bookcoverAlex’s phenomenal new book of prose poems is out with Nightwood.  I can’t recommend this enough.  I’ll let Jen Currin’s great blurb spell it out:

“Prose poems, soundtracks, minifictions—the lyrical, multi-faceted pieces in The things I heard about you record the ways in which language makes and unmakes us.”

Buy the book here (or at your local bookshop!):

and follow Alex here:

Garry Morse the amazing….

garrymorseThe uber-talented and clever Mr. Morse wrote a series of “meta-texts”looking at different themes and ideas through the lens of many different poets.  It veers from writer to artist to musician and composer with a dextrous hand.  Well worth a read.

you can find Mr. Morse here:


and here:

Celebrate Banned Books Week With Your Favorite Comic

A very readable article on Banned Books Week: Maus, Moore and Gaiman!

Eleventh Stack

Comics Code Authority Seal Almost all comics published between 1954 and the 2000s bore this seal, indicating they met a set of rigid standards pertaining to sexuality, violence, and other things.

Yesterday began this year’s Banned Books Week, and lists maintained by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the American Library Association show that comics are as susceptible to banning as their prose cousins.

In a way, it’s flattering to the medium that comics and graphic novels are being challenged and banned in public school systems and libraries each year alongside well-known literary classics (“challenged” means someone wanted the book removed but was unsuccessful in their bid, and the book remained on the shelves).

It means kids are reading these books, that they’re making it onto curricula and reading lists, and that they’re making people uncomfortable.

But kids have been reading comics since adults have been publishing them. And the history of censorship…

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Congratulations Kevin Spenst!

A warm congrats to Kevin Spenst on completing his 100-venue cross-Canada chapbook tour!  Phenomenal!  I read with Kevin, Jordan Abel and Shannon Rayne at Winsor Gallery, and he continued readings throughout the day to go from venue 91-100! Yowsa.  There’s actually only one of him, by the way.  So far.