Lush Triumphant Awards!

lush.jpgCash prizes! Fame! Glory!

“The winning entries in each category will receive a $1,000 cash prize (plus payment for publication) and will be published in our Winter 2017 issue. First runner-up in each category will be published in our Spring issue of the following year.”

Details are here. ¬†Get ‘er done!

Upcoming deadline: Ralph Gustafson Prize for Best Poem

fiddleTell It Slant: The Fiddlehead’s 25th Annual Contest

This year’s contest deadline is December 1, 2015 (postmarked)

Get your entries ready! This year’s contest is now open!

The winning entries will be published in the spring 2016 issue
of The Fiddlehead (no. 267) and on our website.
The winning authors will be paid for publication in addition to their prizes!

$2,000 Ralph Gustafson Prize for Best Poem
$250 each for Two Honourable Mentions

$2,000 for Best Story
$250 each for Two Honourable Mentions

full details: