Appearance on Roundhouse Radio

RoundHouseRadioNewLogoThe folks at Roundhouse Radio (Vancouver 98.3FM) were good enough to have me on as part of a profile of those who appear in The Revolving City anthology that came out last year with Anvil Press.  I talked with Kirsten Sharp about cities, a sense of place, the olympics, and more.  You can listen to the interview here.

Happy sunday.



“Narration is at the heart of sensemaking:” An Interview with Meredith Quartermain

quarterThis is a great set of insights into the writing of Quartermain, a favourite BC writer for a long time now.  Enjoy.

“We narrate the world to ourselves through a myriad of lenses. We narrate ourselves to ourselves. We narrate every encounter with what we think of as out there with what we think of as inside. Mostly this is quite unconscious, but if we stop to listen to what is passing through our thoughts, we hear continuous narration visited upon us through the various discourses of our culture. I like to think of the thing we call self as a crossroads where a number of narrators are conversing. So narration is at the heart of sensemaking.”

Elena Johnson Interview with Rob Taylor

e_johnson_bA good interview with Elena Johnson regarding her book Field Notes for the Alpine Tundra, at Rob Taylor’s great site.  Well worth a read!

In 2008, Elena Johnson was invited to be the writer-in-residence at a remote ecology research station in the Yukon’s Ruby Range mountains. For several weeks she lived in the alpine tundra, working alongside a team of biologists whose research interests ranged from plants to marmots and ptarmigan. Field Notes for the Alpine Tundra is the result of that residency, evidence that “Each landscape leaves its mark– / a scratch at the heart”.

Kevin Spenst Interview

kevin“Imagine playing Resident Evil and then actually finding yourself in the landscape, all the zombies are gone and you are there to do an archeological dig, have a drink at the end of the day, and enjoy the sunset. In an inside-out kind of way, that’s how it feels for me.”

A brief but lovely interview with local luminary Kevin Spenst. Enjoy, baby.

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