Robert Creeley

CreeleyThis man rarely leaves my mind, or my pen.  As I work towards an understanding (read: impossibility of grasping air) of how remembering works, and with my mother’s fading memory, this poem cuts into my mind and leaves its own stones.


“I Keep to Myself Such Measures…”

I keep to myself such
measures as I care for,
daily the rocks
accumulate position.

There is nothing
but what thinking makes
it less tangible. The mind,
fast as it goes, loses

pace, puts in place of it
like rocks simple markers,
for a way only to
hopefully come back to

where it cannot. All
forgets. My mind sinks.
I hold in both hands such weight
it is my only description.

“Narration is at the heart of sensemaking:” An Interview with Meredith Quartermain

quarterThis is a great set of insights into the writing of Quartermain, a favourite BC writer for a long time now.  Enjoy.

“We narrate the world to ourselves through a myriad of lenses. We narrate ourselves to ourselves. We narrate every encounter with what we think of as out there with what we think of as inside. Mostly this is quite unconscious, but if we stop to listen to what is passing through our thoughts, we hear continuous narration visited upon us through the various discourses of our culture. I like to think of the thing we call self as a crossroads where a number of narrators are conversing. So narration is at the heart of sensemaking.”

Hart Crane

hartA Name for All

Moonmoth and grasshopper that flee our page
And still wing on, untarnished of the name
We pinion to your bodies to assuage
Our envy of your freedom—we must maim
Because we are usurpers, and chagrined—
And take the wing and scar it in the hand.
Names we have, even, to clap on the wind;
But we must die, as you, to understand.
I dreamed that all men dropped their names, and sang
As only they can praise, who build their days
With fin and hoof, with wing and sweetened fang
Struck free and holy in one Name always.

Kevin Spenst Interview

kevin“Imagine playing Resident Evil and then actually finding yourself in the landscape, all the zombies are gone and you are there to do an archeological dig, have a drink at the end of the day, and enjoy the sunset. In an inside-out kind of way, that’s how it feels for me.”

A brief but lovely interview with local luminary Kevin Spenst. Enjoy, baby.

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