Reading: Rob Taylor, Dallas Hunt, Tolu Oloruntoba, Shaun Robinson

An outstanding reading last night from these folks, in support of Rob’s new book, “Strangers” (you can buy this here). Really great to be out in Clark Park and see some fine folks I haven’t seen in…you know…a pandemic’s age…

I only had enough cheddar to pick up one more book, and chose Dallas Hunt’s book “Creeland“. Looking forward to digging into that soon!

Tolu Oloruntoba’s reading from his books “The Junta of Happenstance” and “Manubrium” was brilliant. Am going to track those both down.

Lastly, Shaun Robinson read poems from “If You Discover a Fire” – whose humour and strength were evident. Check him out – also worth following on twitter!



Daniel Zomparelli’s Book Launch!

terribleDaniel’s new book, Everything is Awful and You’re a Terrible Person, is coming out from Arsenal Pulp Press! I’ve raved about him before.  If you’ve read his first book, Davie Street Translations, you know why you’ll want to be here for this.  If you haven’t, find it for purchase at your local bookstore or direct from Talonbooks here.

March 25th 7:30 pm

Cartem’s Donuts at 2190 Main St. in Vancouver

Event details here.

Daniel says:

“Hi friends and potential new friends, my book comes out soon. The launch will be at a donut shop and booze will be available along with the book.

I will probably read for a very short time but mostly would like to eat donuts and drink wine.

Here is some actual info on the book including nice things people have said about it:

Pulp Fiction will be at the launch to sell books because they are cuties.

The space is accesible, no stair ways and is on street level.

Hope to see you there! ♥”

How Not to Communicate with Publishers

HA! “eradicating craft herpes from the publishing world”. Priceless. Some good insights here.

Write or Wrong


How Not to Communicate with Publishers

In my time I’ve done a lot of writing courses and gone to a lot of writing seminars/festivals/workshops. I’m not just saying that to brag, I’m going somewhere with this. Because of this extensive training I have become a bit of an expert on what publishers don’t want. Me, would be a simple yet hilarious answer, and however crushingly truthful it might be, it would not help any of you good folk. So below I have collected all the insights I have had revealed unto me by publishing house reps and published authors alike.

How Not to Approach a Publishing House Representative

  1. NO GLITTER! Don’t put it in envelopes, don’t glitter bomb them in passing, don’t offer them glitter lip gloss. These people fucking hate glitter. No surprise really, glitter is the herpes of the craft world. I have three kids and I…

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Babylon. Painting. Repression.

Been thinking recently about the song “By the Rivers of Babylon” (mainly the Melodians version:  About state repression and the desire for freedom, and Ferguson, and the power of the state.  A friend sent me this great image of a biblical illustration.  I love the river flowing from the man’s (Jehovah?) mouth.

Where is salvation? Where is freedom? Where can we find peace? The captors required of their captives a song.  Ours require a purchase.  Both a buy and a buy-in to the goods and to the system itself.  It’s not optional.  Like one great tweet about Ferguson stated, “They hate us for our freedom.”

Reading coming up — Vancouver poetry showcase

Talent! Go see this…April 28th in Vancouver at the Cottage Bistro!

Alex Leslie - Writing

I’m reading again soon. The event is the Literary Press Group’s Vancouver showcase for poetry month. The lineup is pretty amazing — I’m excited to read andrea bennett’s first book Canoodlers out from Nightwood soon, I’ve heard great things about Jennica Harper’s book What It Feels Like For a Girl, and I’m a longtime admirer of John Barton’s writing. I’ll be reading some new work.

The Literary Press Group is running poetry showcases in other cities across Canada throughout April, with independent publishers from all over the country participating.

Here’re the event details:

April 28th, 7 PM

Cottage Bistro (4470 Main Street)


Alex Leslie

Jennica Harper

John Barton

Dennis Bolen

Sarah de Leeuw

Lawrence Feuchtwanger

andrea bennett

Jacqueline Turner

All are welcome!

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crack pipe vending machines…

me and pipe machineThanks to all the positive feedback and appreciation for my work on the crack pipe vending machines.  I don’t often post about my day job as manager of the PHS Mobile Needle Exchange here, but there’s been lot of buzz about these, for better or worse.  The machines have been a key piece of the puzzle in keeping people in Vancouver from contracting HIV and Hep C, and I’m proud to have been a part of it.  We’ll keep advocating for free pipes to be more widely available, but in the meantime, they’re a pivotal healthcare device that helps stop the spread of disease.  You can read Garth Mullins’ brilliant first article on the machines here:

and follow his excellent blog here: