Appearance on Roundhouse Radio

RoundHouseRadioNewLogoThe folks at Roundhouse Radio (Vancouver 98.3FM) were good enough to have me on as part of a profile of those who appear in The Revolving City anthology that came out last year with Anvil Press.  I talked with Kirsten Sharp about cities, a sense of place, the olympics, and more.  You can listen to the interview here.

Happy sunday.



DJ Spooky, Guy Debord, Situationalism, Cello

spooky.jpgA great show in Vancouver last night as part of the Push festival of perfoming arts – DJ Spooky performed, accompanied by a cellist and two violinists, an improvised soundtrack to Guy Debord’s 1973 situationalist film after his book, “Society of the Spectacle”.   A pretty impressive work.

Goodbye to CD Wright…

cd-wright-promo_wide-127645e4eee80924001c060ccbefc1eff6d92af1.jpgWe lost a master.  This hasn’t been a great year for keeping people on the planet…so join me in a toast to CD.  Here’s her poem “Obscurity and Selfhood”.

Read more about her here.

Obscurity and Selfhood

Not far
from a college.
A man
living by himself

kept his fighting cocks in plain sight. Each had its own tether and
miniature shed and dish with embossed sobriquet. Their domestication
reserved for battle before the table. Gallus gallus domesticus. A young
male, a cockerel, my husband’s patronymic before the adoption. Some hens
are disposed to poach another’s egg. Once there were teeth. Given certain
conditions they could come back. If not a full set. Even now a breathing hole
has to be pipped for the offspring to break out. This is done with an egg tooth.
Not a true tooth. Love among the chickens involves a circle dance. He is
a wonderful dancer. It goes straight to her brain. Before and after they prefer
to wash off in dust. Ashes will work if no dust. If they aren’t forced into shedding
one another’s blood, they can live until their heart gives out.
The cock
the man
could not
He withdrew
the ring.
To settle
an unforgiven

My question is this:
Would you describe yourself
as a wanderer, a friend of the court, amicus curiae, falsely construed as a snitch, a blue yodeler,
an apostate, a lost cause, a bird in the house, a biter, a common blogger, a contender, a purse
snatcher, a false witness, a palterer, a silkie, a backyarder, channeler
for malevolent spirits, girt in the loins, figure on a shard of black pottery, moderately active, a fog
machine, a visionary miserabilist, a chook or a cuckold, a roundhead, a little seditious, a slow-wave
sleeper, a dead mule, a gongorist, honey on the comb, half goat half god, a white throwback, crossed
with a mongrel, a genesis, a retired fighting
a doll

Launch of “Make it True: Poetry from Cascadia”

Make_It_True_Front_Cover-Hi_ResPandora’s Collective Presents Twisted Poets Literary Salon:

Launch of “Make it True: Poetry from Cascadia” (Leaf Press, 2015)
Readings from the Anthology
There will be NO OPEN MIC on this night.
Host: Bonnie Nish

Featured readers:
Daphne Marlatt, Robert Lashley, Paul Nelson, Thomas Walton, Judith Roche, Crystal Hurdle, Nadine Maestas, Anastacia Tolbert, Sarah de Leeuw, Hope Anderson, Susan McCaslin, George Stanley, Stephen Collis, Cath Morris, Jordan Abel, Meredith Quartermain, Renee Rodin, Heidi Greco, Lary Timewell, Renee Saklikar, Daniela Elza.

details are here:

Upcoming Reading at Dead Poets

deadThe brilliant ongoing Dead Poets Reading Series takes flight for the new year at Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch on January 10th, 2016, from 3-5 PM. The reading will be hosted in the Alice MacKay Room, which is located one floor below the entry concourse (you can view a map here).

The lineup:

Robert Creeley (1926 – 2005), read by Mariner Janes
Sakutaro Hariwara (1886 – 1942), read by Sheryda Warrener
Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828 – 1882), read by Sheryl MacKay
C.K. Williams (1936 – 2015), read by Raoul Fernandes

Attendance is free. They start more-or-less on time, so come early to make sure you don’t miss out.

If you’ve never been to one of our readings, take a look around this website to get better acquainted with the series (including our format and history and photos from past events). And if you’d like regular updates from them about future readings, be sure to sign up for their mailing list.

Hope to see you on January 10th.

Further details are here.


Submit to Repurposed


Issue Three of Repurposed will be themed around engagements with spatial appropriation. I think about how we perceive ownership of space, personal, civic, etc. and then am confronted, almost daily, with ways in which that ownership or even the notion of ownership has been challenged, confronted or merely highlighted. Any and all of these are ways in which to enter the particular space I wish to inhabit for Issue Three, I am certain there are many other ways as well. As always this call-out is open to interpretation, but remember that this magazine has a mandate, art from repurposed materials, so please read our guidelines below before submitting.


submit and see further guidelines at:

East Van Publishers + ABPBC 4th Annual Holiday Hootenanny!

dogparty.jpgJoin Anvil Press, Arsenal Pulp Press, Greystone, New Star Books, Talonbooks and the Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia as we merge into a festive megazord for our fourth annual holiday hootenanny at Pat’s Pub & Brewhouse!

Come enjoy snacks, drinks, and holiday cheer from 5-9pm.

There will also be a fine selection of books available for sale.

Festive frocks & sparkly attire (tinsel tuxedo anyone?) are both welcome and encouraged.